The EARfoon tailor-made earplug is available in various models:

  • With grip, e.g. for industrial use
  • Without grip, e.g. for motorcyclists
  • In various colours
  • With detection e.g. for the food industry
  • With communication connector, for radio telephones, GPS and Walkman or MP3 player
  • In hard acrylic material, a highly durable and hygienic material
  • In soft Biopor material, a flexible but less durable material
  • In Multiclick model (see EARfoon Multiclick)

“Noise is bad, and hearing impairment is irreversible.
You can prevent hearing impairment with our EARfoon hearing protectors”

EARfoon Multiclick, hearing protector with (replaceable) click-on filters

The EARfoon Multiclick hearing protector makes it possible to click a second EARfoon Multiclick filt...

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EARfoon hearing protector cleaner Disinfects and cleans the earplug EARfoon cleaning set Bottle o...

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