Noise is bad

Deafness caused by noise

Hearing impairment is not something that happens from one day to the next. It is a process that takes time. If you are exposed to noise for long enough in your work situation or at home, your hearing will be seriously impaired. And permanently! This danger arises even at a noise level of only 80 dB(A). Some examples of noise sources: Circular saw ± 110 dB / Drill ± 100 dB High pressure spray ± 105 dB / Motorway traffic ± 95 dB / Grinder ± 117 dB

Be sure to use the right hearing protection

Noise-related deafness is irreversible, which makes ear protectors absolutely vital. There is only any point in using ear protectors if they not only reduce the noise, but are also worn at all times. That means that they must be comfortable and not cause irritation.

The EARfoons are delivered in person and tested for the right fit and noise reduction level. The EARfoons are supplied in a leather case with a pass containing your personal details, filter code and the unique numbers.

Various noise reduction values

The acoustic filter in the EARfoon makes it possible to continue hearing what people say while harmful noise is reduced to the extent that hearing damage is prevented. The filter can be supplied with various noise reduction values. The EARfoon Multiclick model makes it possible to click filters with various fixed noise reduction values to a basic carrier featuring standard noise reduction. That in turn makes it possible to achieve an extremely wide range of noise reduction values with a single set of earplugs.

“Noise is bad, and hearing impairment is irreversible.
You can prevent hearing impairment with our EARfoon hearing protectors”

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