Registrations and accreditation

LLoyd’s Register Quality Assurance
LLoyd’s ISO 9001: 2015 certified
Certificate no. RQA658838.001

The EARfoon otoplastics are CE certified according to the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425 according to EN 352.2: 2002 by Notified Body PZT GmbH (EU-ID: 1974) and Notified Body TUV Rheinland (EU-ID: 0336).

    (EU) 2016/425, Annex VIII (Module D) certified certificate no. 831802 by Notified Body PZT GmbH (EU-ID: 1974).

“Noise is bad, and hearing impairment is irreversible.
You can prevent hearing impairment with our EARfoon hearing protectors”


The EARfoon tailor-made earplug is available in various models: With grip, e.g. for industrial ...

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EARfoon hearing protector cleaner Disinfects and cleans the earplug EARfoon cleaning set Bottle o...

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EARfoon Multiclick, hearing protector with (replaceable) click-on filters

The EARfoon Multiclick hearing protector makes it possible to click a second EARfoon Multiclick filt...

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                                              (EU) 2016/425 certified by PZT GmbH (EU-ID:1974)