Production and delivery

The EARmo specialists tailor the EARfoon to customer requirement step-by-step. The first step is to check the auditory channels.  If problems are identified, the person concerned is referred to his company medical officer or GP. The next step is to make an exact mould of the left and right auditory channels. A copy of each mould is made in the EARmo laboratory with durable acrylic material or Biopor AB.

The EARfoon has now taken its approximate form. This is now further modelled by hand with great precision and care.

The sound channel is now drilled, the acoustic filter is fitted and a left/right indicator is placed. The final step is to give each EARfoon hearing protector a unique number and an anti-allergic coating to protect oversensitive ears. (Only available in acrylic material).

Delivery and instructions

The EARfoons are personally delivered and checked for correct fitting and noise reduction using an electronic leakage test. The customer is given clear instructions on how to wear the hearing protectors and how to clean them. The pass that is delivered as standard with the earplugs clearly states the company details and the name of the EARfoon wearer, as well as the unique numbers of the hearing protectors. (Only available in acrylic material).

Guarantee and quality

The EARfoons are made of a durable acrylic material (virtually wear-proof) or Biopor AB material. EARmo gives a two-year full service guarantee on its hearing protectors. EARfoon hearing protectors are TNO tested, ISO 4869-1 en ISO 4869-2. Test report numbers TM 96C025 and 96C026 and bearing the CE hallmark. Earmo itself is LLoyd’s ISO 9001:2008 accredited. Certificate no. 658838

“Noise is bad, and hearing impairment is irreversible.
You can prevent hearing impairment with our EARfoon hearing protectors”


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