Who is EARmo and what does EARmo do?

EARmo was established in 1990 by people originating from the hearing aid sector who used the knowledge and experience they had gained in that sector to develop, produce and sell EARmo’s personalised, tailor-made EARfoon hearing protectors.

EARmo has its head office in Zwolle, the Netherlands, and is also represented in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, England, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles.

EARmo produces its earplugs for the Netherlands and its representatives in other countries.  Specialised laboratory technicians with a huge amount of experience guarantee the production of comfortable, well-fitted EARfoon hearing protectors.  At the same time, the filters developed by EARmo that are fitted in the EARfoon hearing protectors facilitate the ability to clearly understand speech whilst providing outstanding noise reduction.

EARmo’s sales department in the Netherlands manages experienced field workers who fit and deliver the EARfoon hearing protectors in the sector and to private customers.  EARmo and its laboratory are accredited for Lloyd’s ISO 9001.  Also, the EARfoon hearing protectors and related products bear the CE hallmark.

“Noise is bad, and hearing impairment is irreversible.
You can prevent hearing impairment with our EARfoon hearing protectors”


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